"I wonder if we take him for granted"

Written by fe Bureau | Updated: Sep 1 2010, 04:39am hrs
Abhijit Avasthi

National Creative Director, O&M

Induction in O&M in: 1999

Campaigns to his credit: Fevicol, Cadbury, Asian Paints, Bajaj Pulsar, Perfetti and others.

The first encounter

I have known Piyush from way before I got into advertising. My first memories of him are very fuzzyI think I was only a few hours old. But I distinctly remember hearing a roaring laugh even then.

Lessons learnt

Piyush loves to get his hands dirty. He is hardly the typical armchair creative director wholl only give vague directions. Once he hears the brief, hell surely take a shot at it himself. He leads by example and therefore with him its pretty much on-the-job coaching. He loves to brainstorm and is as enthusiastic about others ideas as he is about his own. Hes extremely gutsy and suggests only what is correct for the brand. I think hes got a special gift for understanding what a client really wants and has the ability to translate that into a great creative brief.

At work

There is no design or pattern whatsoever in his style of working. Piyush is instinctive, he looks for simplicity and above all, imbues whatever he does with loads of joy and passion. I guess thats why he wakes up hungrier each morning to do better and better work.

Hes like a dear friend who you have a lot of respect for. Hes patient and open to listening. Hes never dismissive of even the most outlandish of ideas and that is rather encouraging for all of us here.

Piyush is too big a person to make anyone feel overwhelmed by his stature. In fact, at times I wonder if we take him for granted.

Memorable campaigns

Fevicol, Cadbury and Asian Paints are brands that I sort of inherited from Piyush. He was doing the creative for them personally till the time I entered the agency. So to earn the clients trust and to be able to impress them was always going to be a tough act to follow. But Piyush unstintingly supported pretty much everything I did, he allowed me to make my mistakes, gave his opinion on issues but never shoved them down my throat and that gave a lot of confidence to me.

The good

Piyush doesnt see himself as our boss and if we ever screwed up, he never says, I told you so.

The bad

He wakes you up at 6.30 am to narrate an idea and calls back at 6.45 am to narrate another one!!!