I was wrong comes easier from Obama

Written by Associated Press | Washington | Updated: Oct 28 2009, 05:48am hrs
I wish that we had come back with better news from Copenhagen, President Barack Obama said a few weeks ago after an unsuccessful trip across the ocean to try to snag the 2016 Summer Olympics for Chicago. It wasnt the kind of happy spin that politicians typically come up with after a failure. Call it a breath of fresh air or a turnoff. Either way, the man in the Oval Office is making a habit of confessing, apologising, revealing and regretting.

Dont mistake it: Team Obama doesnt miss many chances to try to put its actions in a favorable light. His frank talk turns out to dovetail nicely with that effort. Its a tool he uses to lessen negative fallout from bad news by pre-empting criticism and draining energy from controversy.

Obama personality trait is , all the more notable because his predecessor, George W Bush was parodied for a reluctance even to utter the word mistake. When Bush was asked at a 2004 news conference to name his biggest error since the attacks of Sept 11, 2001, he ventured: Im sure something will pop into my head. But it did not.

There is a long tradition of Presidents taking a hands-off mistakes were made approach in the blame game. With Obama, though, it was apparent early on that I was wrong comes easier.