I want to emerge a winner

Updated: Apr 30 2006, 06:13am hrs
Industrialist Sanjay Dalmia is on a new high. The chairman of the Dalmia Group (a business conglomerate with interests in chemicals, tobacco, textiles, industrial explosives, consumer products, herbal products, IT solutions and BPO) has recently made significant acquisition in Dan River (the third largest home textile major in US).

A jubilant Dalmia admitted that the acquisition provides us with an ideal opportunity to leverage Dan Rivers global platform to make GHCL one of the dominant players in the textile space globally. I want India to be a major global outsourcing hub very soon.

GHCLs subsidiary has acquired a controlling stake in SC Bega Upsom in Romania and has signed an agreement to acquire the only soda ash manufacturer in Romania. GHCL shifted a lot of its administrative work from US to India from February 1. A lot of the BPO work has shifted here, elaborates Dalmia.

Born in Lahore in 1944, Sanjay, son of Vishnu Hari Dalmia, completed his education at Modern School, Barakhamba Road and St Ste- phens College, Delhi, before joining the Dalmia Group.

A philanthropist at heart, Dalmia founded the Organi-sation of Understanding and Fraternity (OUF) to promote the cause of national unity and international understanding.

Dalmia also runs charitable institutionsFour Steps and Masoomfor the welfare of the mentally challenged and unprivileged children respectively. OUF presents the Ramkrishna Jaidayal Harmony Awards to promote national integration in India, he says.

Masoom is a school for children with special needs to help them cope with their disabilities. In fact Rahul Gandhi was so impressed by the good work that he requested that a similar one be set up in Amethi and we are looking at that posssibility, he says.

OUF also runs asthma camps in Jharawa (Rajasthan) every month; theres also a water conservation programme, wherein whoever builds wells gets a cash incentive. I had always wanted to do social work in areas which hadnt been tapped. Thats why a big chunk of my money has been earmarked only for good causes.

Predictably, Dalmia wants to do a lot for his native Jharawa: I want to start a call centre and create more employment opportunities.

Beyond work, Dalmia does pranayam and work outs every day and watches inspirational programmes and news on television. I am at work 24 hours mentally and never feel tired. Actually pranayam has given me a lot of positive energy ever since I started doing it last year and Id recommend it to people.

His goals Dalmia confesses that for someone like him who was born with the proverbial golden spoon in his mouth and inherited a successful business, the only task ahead is to ensure that my company keeps achieving glory. I want to emerge a winner. I never feel overworked, I am passionate about what I do. And when your efforts are a success you feel satisfied.