I prefer not to look back on Infosys 3.0: Vishal Sikka

Bangalore | Updated: Oct 11 2014, 14:54pm hrs
Vishal Sikka infyInfosys CEO Vishal Sikka speaks during the announcement of the company's quarterly financial results in Bangalore. (Reuters)
The first non-founder CEO of Infosys, Vishal Sikka, on Friday said that no company can transform unless its workforce and culture adopt next-generation thinking and understand new business realities. All our existing service offerings and lines will see a renewal led by automation and artificial intelligence technology. We will have a culture of learning, creativity, imagination and purpose, he told reporters during the quarterly results press conference. Excerpts

Infosys 3.0 has so far been the most visible strategy for the company. Is the new strategy an extension of it

It is wrong to think of this in the context of anything that we have done in the past. This is not a radically new idea I am proposing. Nature renews itself continuously. I prefer not to look back on Infosys 3.0. We want to stick to a set of ideas which, we believe, will be highly relevant to the industry that we are emerging into. One key here is that each of these ideas is already in execution and the first signs are here to see.

When you speak of new technologies, how will you strike a balance between traditional services and new businesses

This is not about leaving something behind. What I am proposing is to take along every service line that we offer in all geographies, across industries. We will renew that by focusing on business outcome, value, new business models, automation and next-generation technologies. There will be a great focus on business outcome with operational excellence. This applies to everything we do, be it BPO, application development or IMS. In addition to renewing all our existing service lines, its also about adding capabilities like co-creation with clients, design thinking, big data and machine learning applications.

How will you work with startups

Working with startups has three different dimensions to it. First, Infosys can be a great enabler for startups. We are already working with several startups in this dimension.

The second dimension is to bring them and our clients together. In many cases, we work with clients where we offer large-scale, wide-scoped solutions. We can have an opening where we can get a startup to fill a piece of the puzzle.

The third dimension is where we can invest. We have a $100-million fund and we are starting to make our first investments. Merger and acquisition is not a major part of our strategy, but definitely a key element of the direction forward. We dont want to acquire a previous generation company, but look at small companies with great technology, which will augment and complement our skills and capabilities.

As far as renewing capabilities is concerned, has the process already started Will it happen with your existing clients

We have already started. The simplest form is to take an existing offering and improve it. Again, we can continue to do our existing work and renew that while adding new capabilities, such as new services. We have started working with clients to bring in new kinds of projects like design thinking projects, big data projects, etc.

A lot of your former SAP colleagues are reportedly joining Infosys. What exactly is happening

A couple of my friends and colleagues have joined. Many more have joined from outside. I would not read anything great into it. It is a common thing when a senior executive leaves a company, there are others who come along.

What is the larger vision driving you

We believe in being a company that can renew the existing services we offer with a dramatic improvement in productivity, besides bringing in new services in time. We want to become a next-generation leading services company; we dont want to be a previous generation company. We will also have to invest in newer areas. It is too early to be quantitative on that aspect.

How do you see the digital business evolving

We can expand our business in the digital area, cloud computing and infrastructure management dramatically. A vast part of our revenues comes from the existing services we will renew them and they will continue to fuel growth, but at the same time we will complement that with new services. Over time, they will become a bigger part of our business. Also, they will become drivers for more traditional redesign services and so on.

When do you see the fruits of your efforts showing

The result of what we are doing now will start to show in the next several quarters. NRN had laid down a three-year roadmap and we are half way into that. You can expect to see the results in two-three years. But the things we are doing will not magically appear after two years.The future is already here, just that it isnt evenly distributed. All these practices that I am talking about, we have started to have engagement with clients in these areas. You will see that grow incrementally.