"I believe that I can achieve anything"

Updated: Nov 30 2008, 05:37am hrs
What does success mean to you

Success is the ability to do what I want to do and achieving the standards that I have set for myself. However, the society thinks differently. Sometimes success as defined by society works subtely on me and drives me in the direction that may not bring me happiness in the long run. When I am able to reflect clearly on my life, my passion, single out things that give me happiness, it more often then not allows me to seek success the way I like it. I have an uncanny belief that I can achieve anything that I decide to achieve and anything means anything. There is another part of me that I both like and dislike. It is the desire to excel in anything that I do, I cannot remain mediocre.

What is your biggest strength

It would have to be my family and friends. Howsoever strong and dedicated we are, we all are bound to have our weak moments too and thats where the close support system protects us. I have had many such moments and cant thank my family and friends enough for keeping me going. I am also grateful to the people who wish me well. Their simple wishes has time and again re-affirmed my faith in hard work.

Whats your stress buster

The ability to get the mind and body to relax is just as important. Working out in the gym, playing any sport with soldiers, friends, family, or just partying with friends acts as a great stress buster for me. Incidentally, a mere closure of eyes for a few minutes in meditation has far reaching effect than all of things mentioned above but then all things have their place under the sun..

God to you is

I am a firm believer in making things happen by my own hard work but I also believe that destiny has a role to play. I believe in God, and thank god that keeps our sanity alive. To be able to dedicate our accomplishments to a higher energy, or some one else, we remain grounded in our thoughts and actions, which for me is the highest measurement of success.

As told to Sarika Malhotra