HLL Settles Row Over Easementary Rights

Kochi, July 30: | Updated: Jul 31 2003, 05:30am hrs
The row over Hindustan Lever Ltds (HLL) claim over reclaimed land in the City seems to have been settled. Following talks with the Goshree Island Development Authority (GIDA) sub-committee, the company agreed to withdraw its claim on the land and a road would be constructed to the HLL property at its Tatapuram premises.

HLL had, a few months ago, through a public notice claimed easementary rights on the reclaimed land.

HLL would pay for the land to be provided for the road, price for which would be determined by the state government.

An agreement would be signed after the steering committee of GIDA which is to construct bridges linking the islands off Kochi with the mainland, scheduled for Thursday. As per the agreement, HLL would build the road which would be for public use.

Following the settlement, Goshree Island Development Authority which is to construct bridges linking the islands off Kochi with the mainland, a decision on retendering the reclaimed would be taken at the Thursday meeting.

An earlier attempt to sell off the land floundered after there were just two buyers who had shown interest.

The row over the land cropped up when Hindustan Lever Ltds issued a public notice claiming easementary rights over the reclaimed 52 acres of land.

It had said the property till recently had a waterfront and it had easementary and other rights on the property which included right of access at diverse places for travel and transport from the waterfront.

It had claimed establishing five boat jetties and had the right to draw water from the backwaters and discharge storm water into it.