HLL Plans To Scoop Up New Consumer Categories

Mumbai: | Updated: Jul 31 2002, 05:30am hrs
To usher in the festive season, Hindustan Lever Ltd’s (HLL) ice-cream division is planning to roll out a host of new marketing initiatives to promote its new range of ice-creams. Recently, HLL had launched a new range of ice-creams called ‘Viennetta Chocolate’ in the Indian markets.

Says Mr JH Mehta, executive director (ice-cream division), HLL: “During the second half of this year, we will introduce some new products which will be the first of its kind in the Indian ice-cream market in terms of offering and variety.”

According to Mr Mehta, the new product range—which will be an extension of the existing range—will be targeted at people who are ice-cream lovers as well as people who currently do not consume ice-creams and prefer Indian sweets and other dessert offerings. “Our attempt is to target parallel categories, which have a huge untapped market in India,” informs Mr Mehta.

As for the company’s new promotional campaigns, the ice-cream division will launch new initiatives aimed at supporting the Kwality Walls brand both at a national level as well as the regional levels. As part of its marketing strategy, the company has launched promotions titled ‘Ek Din Ka Raja’ across major cities in India.

Adds Mr Mehta: “The first part of our plan will include a mega tie-up with a Hindi feature film being released shortly Mujse Dosti Karoge, featuring Hrithik Roshan, Rani Mukherjee and Kareena Kapoor.”

On the positioning of the new product range, Mr Mehta informs that Kwality Walls is an aspirational brand catering to different segments of the population. “Currently, we have products right from Rs 5 to Rs 150. The new products would also be positioned in this range,” he adds.

In order to enhance brand visibility and merchandising, Mr Mehta says the new developments in visibility will include different usages of vinyl material and rotating signboards. “Since, visibility and merchandising in this category are very critical, Kwality Walls will continue to have an integrated visibility programme, based on the type of outlet,” adds Mr Mehta.

The division will continue to enhance visibility for the new variety of ice-creams with glow signs and floor pointers in the second half of this year.