Hindustan Unilever kicks off Watershed Development in Mandka

Written by Corporate Bureau | Mumbai, Jan 25 | Updated: Jan 26 2008, 06:08am hrs
As part of its corporate social responsibility(CSR) initiative, FMCG major Hindustan Unilever Ltd(HUL) has kicked off a watershed development project in Mandka village in Maharashtra in partnership with MITRA( Maharashtra Institute of Technology Transfer for Rural Areas), a non-profit voluntary organization promoted by Bharatiya Agro Industries Foundation(BAIF). Incidentally, this is the second watershed development project initiated by the company near its Khamgaon factory in Buldhana district in Maharashtra.

On the rationale behind HULs new initiative, a company spokesperson said: We had undertaken a development project in the community around our Khangaon factory for the last four years. The project focuses on water harvesting and aims at improving the lives of community there. Encouraged by the results of our first project in Parkhed, we are taking up a similar project in Mandka.

HULs new project would be undertaken on 600 hectare of land in a phased manner over a period of five years. The company would be spending Rs 90 lakh over the next five years and the benefits would be visible from the second year of the project, explained the HUL spokesperson.

According to the company spokesperson, the participatory approach for watershed implementation will be an important strategy for the programme . Villagers will be mobilized to undertake management of land and water through various methods like video shows and village meetings, he added.

Apart from the watershed development programme, HUL would undertake other activities such as dairy farming, self-help groups, cattle breeding, health &hygiene among others.

HULs other major CSR initiatives in India include, Project Shakti, Lifebuoy Swasthya Chetana(health & hygiene education), Fair & Lovely Foundation, Greening Barrens(water conservation & harvesting) and Happy Homes. We believe that what is good for the environment and the community is good for our business. We can not have a successful company in a failing society, summed up by the company spokesperson.