He was a multi-faceted person

Updated: Jan 19 2007, 05:47am hrs
I am shocked to learn of the passing away of Lalit Mohan Thapar. He was my good friend for a long time. I had the pleasure of working with him not only in relation with our common interest i.e. the paper Industry, but also on several national and international fora. He was an entrepreneur in the real sense - indeed a doyen of the Indian Industry. He had a realistic approach towards business as well as life. He lived a wholesome life. I learnt a lot from him and received his valuable guidance from time to time.

He was farsighted and indeed a multi-faceted person who took interest in a variety of fields. He has established a solid business and I am sure the next generation would further strengthen the edifice built by him.

I recall an instance when the Government of India took a tentative decision to nationalise the paper industry. He and I had to work together to find innovative solution to satisfy the government's requirement on one side and the paper industrys on the other.

The solution hammered out by us was to supply 30% of the industrys production at a considerably cheaper price for text books and exercise books for the student community.

After the government agreed to the formula, it was left to him and me to sell the idea successfully to the rest of the paper industry. His resoluteness in putting this formula through, which was indeed for the ultimate good of the paper industry in India, was indeed commendable.