Haryana Co Gets US Patent

New Delhi, May 20: | Updated: May 21 2003, 05:30am hrs
The Haryana-based Indian Sugar and General Engineering Corporation has won patent rights on liquefiable gas cylinders from the US patent and trademark office.

The patent has been awarded for a novel technique which improves the safety standards in liquefiable gas cylinders. These cylinders, also known as containers or tonners, are used for transporting hazardous gases such as chlorine, sulphur dioxide and ammonia.

Sanjay Gulati of the company told FE, this is an unique innovation. We have designed our gas cylinders in such a way that even if chlorine gas pressure inside increases 120 time that of the atmospheric pressure, the cylinders will not burst.

He said chlorine gas pressure is usually 19 times that of the atmospheric pressure. The safe level of storage of chlorine gas is 90.9kg per sq cm. If by chance the excess chlorine gas is stored in the cyclinder, it would not cause any problem leading to bursting of the cylinder.