Gurgaon to have waste mgmt plant

Written by State Bureau | Chandigarh, Oct 19 | Updated: Oct 20 2008, 05:46am hrs
Gurgaon will have an ultramodern solid waste management plant to be set up near village Bandhwari, in which, according to the consultant agency NBCC, the inert material left for dumping will be merely 15% of the total garbage treated in it, rest will be utilised and the nearby villages willnot have to bear with stinking smell.

If the consultants are believed, a similar plant on the same technology is functioning in Rajkot of Gujarat where people go for outings and have beer in the green belt developed around it. The Bandhwari plant will have a capacity of treating 1,000 tonne of garbage per day and it would be surrounded by a green belt. The plant will cater to the needs of both Faridabad and Gurgaon and the expenditure would be borne by the Faridabad Municipal Corporation said Rajesh Kumar Khullar, municipal commissioner Faridabad.

Earlier a plan was prepared to set up a separate solid waste management plant for Faridabad for which NBCC was appointed as consultant and the site was just 7 km away from the one chosen for Gurgaon plant.

Mr Khullar said accordingly the design and technology, which was to be adopted in the Faridabad plant would now be applied in the Bandhwari plant for which the Gurgaon district administration has got clearances. from ministry of environment and pollution control board.

He said, plant will come up in 9 months from time of possession. of the land. The executing agency would start storing garbage about 4 months ahead so that, once started, the plant was not starved of the raw material.

The storage was proposed to be done in some warehouse type structure. Mr Khullar said that the space near Bandhwari was enough to dump residue for about 7 to 10 years. Thereafter, it could be dumped in landfill sites of village Moftabad which is just one and a half kilometer away from Bandhwari. Moftabad lies in district Faridabad where huge space in shape of ditches after mining is available which can be used for dumping the inert material for many years to come, said Mr Khullar.

The garbage in Gurgaon was presently being dumped near village

Chakarpur, on the land given by village panchayat through a resolution

for this purpose and because of this dumping the residents of DLF

Phase-I painted the 'Mellanium City' of Gurgaon as 'garbage city'.

They blamed the Haryana Urban Development Authority ( HUDA) for this

without realizing the fact that all private developers including DLF

were also throwing their garbage there and no separate arrangements

were made by them. None of the agitators pointed out the fault of the

developers to whom they have paid hefty amounts for buying a house.