GSI To Be Revamped

New Delhi, Sept 24: | Updated: Sep 25 2003, 05:30am hrs
The government proposes to revamp the Geological Survey of India (GSI), as per the recommendations of an expert committee making it more responsible and visible.

The committee instituted by the ministry of mines has suggested establishment of geo-sciences institute for stepping up R&D activities, a commercial wing besides development of strong management information system.

Speaking at a meeting of Central Geological Progra-mming Board (CGPB) here, on Wednesday, mines secretary CD Arha said, government had accepted the report of an expert panel to examine and recommend suitable changes to orga-nisations role and functions.

Mr Arha said the committee suggested measures for making GSI more responsive to scientific and societal needs and enhance its visibility.

He said GSIs role would be enhanced following the recent legislation on off-shore mining.

He suggested GSI should pay greater attention to natural and anthropogenic hazard evaluation, assessment and mitigation measures both on local and regional scale. Mines ministry has also revamped the CGPB by inducting representatives from private sector, concerned public sector undertakings, central and state government departments and representatives of Planning Commission, making it broad-based.