GSFC set to market bio-fungicides

Vadodara, March 30 | Updated: Mar 31 2006, 05:30am hrs
The state government-owned Gujarat State Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited (GSFC) has entered in a new field - marketing the bio-fungicide products manufactured by Gujarat Green Revolution Company (GGRC).

According to joint chief executive officer of GGRC RC Mathur, sensing that farmers need to use a biological control agent Trichoderma harzianium to combat against plant pathogens, GGRC had decided to establish a bio-fungicide unit in 2005, at the cost of Rs 1.90 crore. It has envisaged launching of the product in bio-pesticides market within a year.

GGRC will also produce other biological pesticides as per the terms of license. GSFC is looking after marketing of products under the brand name of Sardar Ecogreen.

Sardar Ecogreen has a wide range of uses in controlling seed and soil-borne fungal diseases, and air borne diseases, particularly in spices like cumin seed, an important crops of Gujarat. It also prevents post-harvest diseases in fruits and vegetables.

Mr Mathur claimed that Sardar Ecogreen can reduce deterioration of fruits and vegetables during storage significantly, which in turn minimises agricultural losses. He claimed that their products do not leave any residue in environment, as these are organic pesticides.

Elaborating on the plant, he said that the installed capacity of the unit is 8 tonne per shift and 300 tonne per annum. In view of the high demand for these products due to their low prices, GGRC is considering a proposal to increase its production capacity.

GSFC, GNFC and GAIC had jointly promoted GGRC for the development of drip irrigation system in Gujarat along with other agricultural programmes.