Grilled With Jack Daniels

Updated: Nov 9 2003, 05:30am hrs
If you are a grilled food freak, head for TGI Fridays. Till December, the casual dining restaurant chain is hosting a Jack Daniels Grill promotion. As the name suggests, the famous whisky brand is promoting the grilled food festival via the sauces that accompany the food. The spicy Jerry sauce is glazed with Jack Daniels whisky.

There are only four optionschicken breasts, chicken ribs, fish fillet and cottage cheesein the grilled dishes and the Jerry sauce is the only sauce that accompanies these. Still, the promotion is taste-worthy, particularly the Jack Daniels Fish Fillet (Rs 330). A perfectly grilled fish and a glass of single malt Scotch whisky is a match made in heaven. And the grilled Pomfret that I had was just perfect. The fish was uniformly soft and succulent and nicely retained the smoky flavour all through. Garnished with a slice of grilled pineapple and served with crisp fried onion rings and grilled vegetables and a baked potato, the portion is huge.

The fish was better than the chicken breast (Rs 310) because the chicken was a bit over-grilled and a little tough. The Jack Daniel Chicken Ribs and the Cottage cheese cost Rs 450 and Rs 260, respectively.

However, food is not the only attraction of this promotion. For every dish you order, you stand to win exciting prizes, including free tickets on Air Sahara or holiday packages from Club Mahindra, through a lucky draw being held at the end of each week. Cheers!

Fusion In Confusion

These days lounge dinning seems to be the new catchword in restaurants in Delhi. Every second restaurant that is opening up in the city call itself a lounge with the interior of a sit-down, fine-dinning place. The latest in the line is Tangarine, the newly opened restobar in Sahara Mall in Gurgaon.

In the 120-seat restaurant, only 10-12 people can sit in what the restaurant owners call the lounge area, which is separated from the main dinning area by a raised platform that has only six sofas!

The nicely done up interior in light yellow and brown colour with wooden ceilings soothes the eyes as one enters the restaurant. But the lights on the ceilings right above the table and on the walls fall directly on the eyes as one sits. A table that shakes on its legs and the loud sound of the band music thats playing a Robbie Willams song add to the irritation. Welcome to Tangarine!

Start with a mocktail. Thats the best part of the restaurant. The strawberry milk shake with blue curacao (Rs 65) is very good. I could not stop myself from asking for a second glass.

If you are greatly fond of soups, ask for the Hungarian Goulash. The thick tomato soup with mutton (Rs 75) is reasonably good. In fact, the restaurant doesnt have a fixed list of soups in its menu. It is daily special!

The Caesar Salad (crisp lettuce in cream dressing/Rs 165) is good, but the price seems too much for it.

Move on starters and dont forget to ask for a fork and a knief. I didnt find these served on my table, and I had to ask for it every time the waiters replaced the dishes. The Gilafi Kebab (minced chicken sheekh kebab spiced with onion, capsicum and tomato; Rs 175) is very ordinary. There is almost no flavour of the spices which should have been there if the freshly ground spices were added for the marination of the chicken. So is the Cajun Fish Tikka (Rs 195). The spice is not made fresh, but bought from the market on wholesale. The result, the grilled sole fish tikka, tastes very bland, despite the fish being a river fish. The Babycorn Salt n Pepper (Rs 155) served on a bed of lettuce is rather good with the garlic sauce.

I believe fish is the best dish to judge the finesse of a restaurant that serves grilled food. And the Grilled Fish (Rs 245) that I had at Tangarine was a great disappointment. The sea fish (Pomfret) was bland both in flavour and taste, and it was not succulent either. The choice of the beurre blanc sauce, a thick yellow sauce made by heating a mixture of flour and butter till it is brown, served with the grilled fish, is not a barbeque sauce.

The only plus in the main course was the Moroccan Lamb (Rs 245). The rosemary flavoured lamb cooked in a thick brown gravy is quite juicy and tasty.

It seems that an unnecessary fuss has been created over the fusion cuisine that the restaurant boasts to serve.

It is the food that ultimately sells in a restaurant, be it any cuisine. And Varinder Baweja, Tangarine owner, should have a relook at the restaurants food quality if it has to take competition to next door neighbour, Crave!