Good article

Updated: Aug 4 2005, 05:30am hrs
Thanks to Kusum Makhija for her excellent article ‘The knowledge processors’ (Aug 1) in eFE. It highlighted the transition period from BPOs to KPOs. I think academics and consultants will need to keep their knowledge updated in the global perspective.
KVR Raman

Systems’ failure
The heavy rains in Mumbai on July 26, and the subsequent chaos have exposed the total failure of the administration in Mumbai. There is no doubt that the rains were heavy, the kind that had not been seen in the last 100 years. But the problems were compounded by administrative apathy. There was no relief/guidance available to the stranded. The Railways didn’t have the courtesy to announce the cancellation of local trains or when the services would start, forcing people to wait for hours. Only BEST came to the rescue of stranded commuters by pressing into service additional buses.

The state government needs to answer the following queries:
o Where were the ministers and other government functionaries when the entire Mumbai was out on the streets, stranded
* Where were the other politicians and NGOs on that day
* Many cars were left unattended on the roads causing traffic jams. Where were the policemen who are supposed to regulate traffic Had traffic been properly regulated, there would have been fewer traffic jams.
If the government could provide thousands of policemen to protect the rally of Narayan Rane, why were policemen not pressed into service on that day
With the kind of communication facilities available today, the state government should have deputed its officials at various vantage points and provided clear directions to public. I salute Mumbaikars for facing nature’s fury with such tenacity. I was one among those who walked for seven hours to reach my house in the wee hours of July 27, in thigh-high water, between Matunga and Chembur. I also saw the two faces of Mumbai: while some good samaritans were offering eatables and tea in Chembur, I could also see cars with single occupants driving past without offering to provide a lift to women and the elderly.
S Rama

Net fraud
This is with reference to Sucheta Dalal’s article ‘Making internet trading more secure’ (Aug 1). It was a fabulous report. The pertinent issues relate to integrity, transparency and security in Net-based trading. These encourage speculation to earn brokerage to such extent that it can be termed illegal.
I am a customer of 5 I once built up a position which I liquidated. To ensure that, I pressed the button twice to square up. The next day, they rang me to tell me that I have a short sell position. I inquired how that was possible They then clarified that when you press the button twice, a negative position is built up. I then argued that in that case too, it could not be so, as logically, the second squaring up was of nil position. And the squaring up of nil can only be nil. However, despite my complaints over four months, I have got no answers.
Arvind Kumar