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Updated: Sep 30 2003, 05:30am hrs
The Indian government and bureaucracy can actually take one by surprise. Used to hanging outside some of the important government ministries (without accreditation cards) in Lutyens Delhi, scribes could not believe their luck when they were allowed to go up to the finance ministers room last week, where a group of ministers (GoM) meeting was on.

There was no verification, no checks, no passes. One just had to mention GoM and press, and thats it, you could go right up to the FMs room.

Contrast this with the earlier times, when nothing short of an accreditation card or maybe a word from the right quarters, would work. If you are looking for a reason, well, elections are close by, and goodwill of the fourth estate is in demand! Unless you thought the political biggies of the country dont face security risks any longer.

Not In Agreement

Public relations firms, corporates and industry bodies try hard to attract media attention, even promising something out of nothing. When a foreign delegation visited Chennai, journos were invited to meet them at an event organised by an industry chamber .

On a lazy and humid afternoon on Saturday, they duly trooped in as the organisers had talked of an important business agreement being signed.

But there was no hint of any such signing ceremony even after the last speaker wound up his speech. The scribes naturally became restive and asked the organisers about the so-called business agreement.

Pat came the reply, What business agreement No business agreement! The journalists were far from amused at a total waste of their time.