Godrej Goads Staff To Guard Health

Updated: Dec 24 2002, 05:30am hrs
At Godrej Industries Ltd, health is not just wealth, its in fact a win-win way to lead an organisational life. For, as a novel move, the company has incorporated executive health management as part of the annual performance review in the organisation. The first round of reviews in this format is expected to take place from April next year.

Accordingly the boss and subordinate converge together and take stock of the physical health review of the appraisee (that is the subordinate) at the beginning as well as the end of a given year.

This implies that, as a part of the review, the subordinates can narrate their own health-related problems to the superiors while the superiors too will lend a feedback to the employees on ways to ensure holistic fitness. Also, in sync with this initiative, the company has deployed a programme termed healthy, wealthy and wise.

Elaborating on these moves, says CK Vaidya, executive director, human resources (HR), Godrej Industries Ltd: We are implementing the initiative as research reveals that lack of work-life balance leads to work-related stress and consequently deteriorates the work performance of an employee in the organisation.

Accordingly, the company has roped in a professional who is a diet counsellor and a fitness expert. The professional goes through the overall health profile and provides the appropriate counselling on dietary requirements and other exercise regimens to be followed by the professionals.

Further, to enable an appropriate work-life balance the company has also launched a flexi-time initiative which provides flexible working hours for the employees.

The other initiatives undertaken by the company include awareness programmes for the employees and families alongwith toolkits on stress busters. The company with the aid of doctors would also be conducting lipid profiling (thyroid tests) and other related tests to determine the osteoporosis levels in the new year.

Adds Sameer Bhariok, manager, HR, Godrej Industries Ltd: The rationale of conducting these tests being that employees may not have voluntarily undergone these tests more due to lack of time and ease of access. According to Mr Bhariok, with the company undertaking an active initiative in conducting such tests, now there can be a wholesome participation of the employees in such health management initiatives.

The company affirms that a healthy workforce would lead to a healthy economic life of the organisation. Another objective of the initiative is also to create a high performing organisation that can drive the business strategy of the establishment.

Commenting on Godrejs health management initiative, Savita Rajendran, managing partner, Consultancy for Organisational Solutions, says: The fact that companies have begun focusing on diverse ways to health management is always a welcome move. But creating a culture of self-accountability amongst the employees in taking due care of their own health is the challenge that companies now need to tackle in a big way.

For, unless the employees do not internalise the need to take care of individual health, the anticipated benefits may not necessarily accrue to the organisation.

Sums up Mr Vaidya: We are also making available the food menu (health -related) in our canteen as prescribed by diet counsellors so that the employees do not have any excuse but to toe the suggestions of health experts.