Go 'Wreck Diving' at the Andaman Island

Written by FE Online | Mumbai | Updated: Jul 11 2014, 23:17pm hrs
Inket WrekInket Wrek
Wreck diving is a special form of scuba diving, where the diver explores a 'shipwreck' sunk in the ocean. A shipwreck usually becomes an artificial reef with a habitat for many types of marine life. It's also intriguing with some exciting or tragic history, often presenting new skill challenges for diving, and is a microcosm of our maritime heritage.

A popular site for wreck diving in the Andaman Islands is the beautiful 'Inket' wreck at Duncan Island. The 'Inket' was a Japanese ship that sunk here during World War II. The bow rests on its starboard side with hatches and cargo hold clearly visible. An enormous propeller is the star attraction at the stern, which sits upright in 18m of water; and parts of the boilers and engine room are intact along with a second, spare propeller. Coral encrusts the ships skeleton, scorpionship make perfect camouflage and beautiful butterfly fish, trevallies, fusiliers, damsel fish and sea anomone with clownfish are abundant. Sometimes, a giant grouper and barracuda may make a surprise entry. The word around is that the 2004 tsunami straightened out the 70meter wreck that was lying on its side. This dive site is ideal for advanced divers, but sometimes conditions are suitable for beginner level divers too.

Another, smaller but pretty wreck is the MV Mars near Havelock Island. This is a small fishing boat that sank during a storm in 2006 and came to rest on the sandy bottom just off the reef, in 15m of water. The boat stands upright, fully intact and tilting slightly to the port side, with the roof of the wheelhouse rising up to 7m. This is a comparatively easy dive, ideal for students and beginners. Wrecks may pose a variety of unique hazards to divers and extra care is required when moving and finning. Many divers are taught to use alternative finning methods and perfect buoyancy control is a must for diving in the environment of a wreck. Many diver training organisations provide specialist wreck diver training courses that teach skills such as air management and the proper use of guidelines and reels.

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Sunil Bakshi, founder and CEO, Infiniti Live-aboard, said, Andaman Islands is incredible for divers as it offers so many attractions including wreck diving. Wreck diving is special and intriguing, and specially Inket Wreck is a lovely dive with its abundance of corals and marine life.