Global pepper output may rise 5%

Written by Commodities Bureau | Kochi | Updated: Nov 29 2008, 06:36am hrs
Global pepper production during 2009 is likely to increase by 5% over the previous year to touch 305,070 tonne, according to the estimates of the International Pepper Community (IPC), which held its meeting in Jakarta.

The annual meeting of the IPC collates figures provided by the member nations to arrive at production, consumption, and export figures. Black pepper production is put at 246,600 while white pepper contributes 58,470 tonne.

The consumption of producing nations is projected to be around 111,210 tonne for 2009, as against 113,100 of 2008. Exportable surplus of the producing nations is projected around 280,793 tonne as against 280,498 tonne in 2008. Actual export is projected around 221,960 tonne for 2009 as against 218,820 tonne in 2008. Carry forward stock in 2008 is put at 61,678 tonne and in 2009 it comes down to 58,833 tonne.

Vietnam, the largest producer, is projected to have production of 82,400 tonne, the same as 2008. Export from Vietnam is projected at 83,000 tonne and the carry forward stock from 2008 at 5,500 tonne.

India is expected to produce 50,170 tonne in 2009. The domestic consumption is put at 40,000 tonne, which is lesser by 3,000 tonne as compared to the figures of 2008. Exports are projected at 23,000 tonne and imports pegged at 15,000 tonne.

Indonesia is set to register an impressive increase in production in 2009 to touch 62,000 tonne from 47,000 tonne in 2008. Brazil production is projected as 32,000 tonne while Malaysia is set to contribute 22,900 tonne. Meanwhile, traders in the terminal market of Kochi take the projections as unrealistic and not factual. They feel that the sudden jump in the production figures of Indonesia is surprising.