Give A Boost To Your Creativity

Updated: Oct 20 2002, 05:30am hrs
In feng shui, creativity and children are taken together and represented by the same gua. You may wonder why, what do these two have in common I can give you some good reasons. To start with, are not children the highest and purest form of creativity Besides, is it not the best way to creatively transform your energy, intention and desire into reality and existence Also, children think freely-as if anything is possible. They are creative and have no inhibitions, they draw pink elephants, green horses and a tree with blue leaves.

If this area is enhanced correctly, you may not only be able to regain your childlike creativity, but also

Make something out of nothing;
Find fulfillment in your job or hobby;
Get better and more creative ideas;
Become able to conceive and bear children;
Improve your relationship with your children, and
Deter the ageing process.

To locate this area, walk in from the main door, go to the middle of the right hand side of your home. The entire central portion is the area we are going to concentrate on (Refer to the bagua given alongside). This side of the bagua always has the main door of the home located on it. Look around this area with your new feng shui eyes. For a moment consider this to be someone elses homewhat does it reveal Would you think the person living here seems free to express themselves or be creative If not, here is what you can start with.

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Metal is the element of this area, so the more the better. Any metal photo frames, ash trays, flower vases, time pieces, curios and decorative accessories that you possess can find their way here;
The colour white represents purity, gold, silver and grey represents metal itself and yellow represents earth. Remember in the creative cycle of nature, the earth produces and is the source of all metals. Go ahead and use all these colours, be creativethis is what this segment is all about;
Round or circular shapes represent metal and square/ rectangular ones represent the earth. Both are beneficial in this area. Round planters, square CDs, rectangular photo frames, metal wind chimes or bells are a few examples;
Television sets, music systems, musical instruments or tools for hobbies and crafts are ideal for this area. They are an expression of entertainment, joy and creativity, and
Art work, pictures, paintings and tapestries are an effective means of expressing creative instincts. However, remember, all art work should be pleasing and evoke a sense of happiness and well beingno grotesque modern art or depressing subjects should be displayed.

Place a rectangular, metal photo frame, with a picture of your child in a yellow T-shirt, making a sand castle on a beach while on vacation. Now isnt that a suitable expression of your creative genius All the aspects mentioned above have been incorporated in a simple manner. There is no end to the creative ways in which you will be able to express yourself while enhancing this area.

There are two aspects to which I would like to make a special reference. I receive many queries from persons who are experiencing difficulty in conceiving a child. I suggest that in addition to whatever their doctors have prescribed, they also should enhance this area of the home and incorporate the following suggestions:

It is important to let the energy settle; therefore, do not sweep vigorously under or around the bed. Clean the bedroom gently and slowly;
Avoid activities that tend to add litter to the bedroomfor example, clipping nails, emptying ash trays in the dust bin, crumbs of food on the bed, etc;
Place a few objects for a new baby in the childrens section of your home and visualise them being used;
Place a spiritual or religious object in the bedroom that can be seen from the bed. Do this with the intention of surrendering yourself to a higher power;
Dont hammer nails or do any major renovation while trying to conceive. This will unsettle the energy of the home, and
Partly fill a bowl with clean water and keep it in the moonlight for a few hours. Then, place the bowl under the bed so that it is under the womans abdomen. The ying energies of the moon aid the relaxation process that is so essential for conception.

The second aspect has to do with the ageing process. Observe elderly people around you. Interestingly, the ones that have no hobbies or interests look and act a lot older than the ones who do; they are also the ones with a defeatist attitude. The ones who have a zest for learning and experiencing the new look a lot younger. An experiment established that a group of elderly people, when placed in an environment that replicated typical surroundings of when they were in their twenties, not only started to act younger, but also started regenerating new cells within their bodies.

Find a few things that made you happy and free when you were young and make a little space for them in the present. You will feel youthful and alive.

For the not so old, I would suggest that they make a conscious effort to be creative in whatever they do, especially leisure activities. This effort will soon lead to you naturally expressing yourself in a way that is unique to you. Change the position of your bed to the creativity area of your bedroomyou may end up saving a lot of money spent on going out for entertainment and relaxation! And remember:

Fire and anything that represents it is not welcome here and should be avoided (in the destructive cycle, fire destroys metal). Therefore, remove those red candles and the picture that shows flames or a fire. Should you have a fireplace in this area, you must neutralise it by placing a mirror over it and surrounding it with blue objects symbolising water, which douses fire;
The colour red will keep this area heated up as it is symbolic of fire. Remove those red cushions, relocate the red carpet, shift the red chair to another area;
Avoid triangular or sharp, pointed objects. Since these shapes represent fire, it is advisable to avoid these in this particular area of the home;
Do not keep this area cluttered or place bulky, heavy objects that act as an obstacle or hindrance to free and easy movement, and
Ensure that there are no drawers, shutters or doors that are jammed or difficult to shut.

Immediate Action For The Children And Creativity Area:

Relocate any candles or items depicting fire from this area;
Avoid or minimise red things in this area;
Unblock anything that feels blocked or is literally blocked by something, like doors, drawers, furniture, and
Add enhancements as necessary.

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