Ghostly chicklit

Updated: Aug 3 2014, 06:41am hrs
Theres more fun watching a ghost movie than reading a scary book. But Annie Zaidis novel, Gulab, ticks all the right boxes for an entertaining read. To start with, the book is all of 184 pages, it is a love story, it has a ghost, it has intrigue and a twist in the tale.

One summer day, Nikunj arrives in an unknown city to attend long-lost love Sairas funeral after receiving an anonymous telegram summoning him to the graveyard. But just as Saira was not to be found after a powerful earthquake years ago, her grave also eludes Nikunj.

However, in his search for the grave, he encounters two other men who have come to pay respects to their respective wives.

All three of them zero in on the same grave, claiming it to be the one. Arguments and fisticuffs later, the mystery is still unresolved. A mysterious woman claiming to be Sairas friend also arrives and the arguments escalate. In places, things actually get funny.

As they go to one mans house for proof that the grave dweller is, indeed, his wife, Nikunj realises in horror that the woman both other men are claiming to be their wives is none other than Saira.

But ones wife died years ago, while the second mans wife died just a day back. All three men are hopelessly in love with Saira, or the illusion of her. In another twist, Nikunj discovers lookalikes of his children in one mans kids.

What is happening When did Saira actually die Is any man really her husband Who is the mysterious friend who claims to know Saira well

As we get answers to all these questions as the book progresses to a finish, Zaidi delivers another punch with an unexpected ending. A book to be read in one go!