Ganit finishes neem genome sequencing

Written by fe Bureau | Bangalore | Updated: Sep 30 2011, 07:40am hrs
Ganit Labs, a newly formed Bangalore-based sequencing and translational genomics laboratory, on Thursday announced it has sequenced and analysed the genome and coding parts of the neem plant, in what is said to be the first such project.

Neem oil and its derivatives support multiple cottage industries in India and are significant contributors to our bio-economy. We believe that our current sequencing study on neem will provide the right scientific impetus for students and young scientists to study one of the most important plant species of our country, said Binay Panda, head of Ganit Labs.

This bio-IT lab, established through a PPP between the Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology and bio-informatics firm Strand Life Sciences, is building a public information portal to store all the research data on Neem.

According to the management of the organisation, this open knowledge sharing platform is meant to allow greater entrepreneurial interest in the sector and encourage development of its applications.

Biotechnology, now a $4 billion industry is growing at 23% every year, and it is estimated to reach $100 billion by 2025, said Vijay Chandru, chairman and chief executive officer, Strand Life Sciences.