Fun facts about Singapore River Safari

Written by FE Online | New Delhi | Updated: Oct 30 2014, 20:00pm hrs
The River Safari in Singapore is the first of its kind to focus solely on the rivers of the world and the wildlife which call them home. As the latest addition to Wildlife Reserves Singapores portfolio of award-winning parks, nestled between Singapores two award-winning wildlife parks Singapore Zoo and Night Safari it offers an unforgettable adventure inspired by the worlds most iconic rivers.

Here are some fun Did-you-know facts about the River Safari which you may not know!

1. Did you know that the park is designed to recreate the sights and sounds of each river zone from exhibit design to the represented animal collection This helps visitors learn about the cultures and wildlife, inspiring them to contribute to conservation efforts.

2. Did you know that River Safari is the first park in Asia to display the endangered giant river otter the worlds largest otter that measures 1.8m housed in the Amazon River Zone

3. Beyond the land giants like the elephants and giraffes, did you know that there are river giants and megafishes to be found as well River Safari offers close encounters with:

* Giant river otter world's largest otter; up to 1.8m in length and 34kg in weight

* Chinese giant salamander worlds largest amphibian; up to 1.8m in length

* Mekong giant catfish one of the worlds largest freshwater fish; up to 3m in length and 295kg in weight

* Giant freshwater stingray one of the worlds largest freshwater fish; up to 5m in length and 600 kg in weight

* Arapaima worlds largest scaled freshwater fish; up to 2.75m in length and 200kg in weight

* Alligator gar up to 3m in length and 140kg in weight

4. Did you know that the Amazon Flooded Forest has the worlds largest viewing panel for a freshwater aquarium measuring 22 metres (L) by 4 metres (H) This ensures that visitors experience an immersive Amazonian underwater forest experience which features over 18 animal species, including the manatee and arapaima.