Fuel sense

Updated: Jan 20 2007, 07:05am hrs
It is praiseworthy that India’s oil companies are undertaking activities for energy conservation. But government departments that use a major chunk of petrol and diesel are not making much effort. The Himachal Pradesh state government had ordered that no government vehicle should ply the roads on Mondays. But other states continue with flagrant violation of rules, with vehicles misused with impunity.
—SK Khosla Chandigarh

Moody matters
Your banking bureau report (‘Growth momentum won’t be sustainable’, January 16) merits serious consideration. According to Moody’s investor services, the Indian economy cannot sustain 9% growth on account of capacity constraints. This calls for greater investment. It is also unfortunate that our domestic currency debt is assigned a speculative-grade ‘Ba2’ rating. We need to improve public debt and inflation management, and investors must stay alert.
—Vijay Mullaji

Rupee lever
We must welcome the proposal to give FIIs a freer hand in India’s debt market (‘FM plans expressway for FII funds’, January 19), which would help overseas M&As find rupee leverage. But have we given thought to the conflict-of-interest arguments that led to the Glass-Steagal separation of investment and commercial banking in the US
—Ranjan Heble