For the love of art

Written by Garima Pant | Updated: Sep 22 2008, 04:59am hrs
Tired of the painting on your wall Looking for a replacement The solution is simple. Just exchange it at the Fuschia Tree (TFT), a curated web gallery. A brainchild of Delhi-based Chanda Chaudhary Barrai, this portal showcases Indian and international art forms from India, Russia, Peru, Botswana, Africa, Pakistan, Spain, Thailand, USA, UK, and many more in giclee (or digital) prints. which includes generating images from high resolution digital scans and printed with archival quality inks onto various substrates.

The art works available at TFT are authentic, affordable, and exchange-able, says Barrai, CEO and founder, TFT. With a unique business model that targets interior designers, architects, artists, curators all under one roof, its utility differs from person to person. We have tried to anticipate various needs of a diverse group of art lovers and provide solution for a battery of art needs. Our main idea is to become a preferred art partner for our artists, buyers and design professionals, says Barrai. Emerging artists can showcase and sell their works, share their ideas and benefit from the various mix of revenue streams. The online gallery also takes great precautions to ensure that an artists work remains authentic and he retains exclusive rights to his own work.

An artists work is 100% safe, as TFT is one of the only galleries to invest in Lock Lizard, an anti-piracy software. An artist can upload high-resolution images and nobody can make prints out of them unless authorised. The web tools ensures that not more than a thumbnail size of an image can be saved by any visitor, onto their computers, she says. The gallery also acts as a platform to establish a connection between the upcoming artists and the galleries interested in their works. Says photographer Nrupen Madhvani, THT is bringing together a bunch of emerging artists in various mediums, offering them a platform to sell. The online art gallery brings a huge variety of affordable, authentic art from around the world which can be exchanged as per the exchange policy, one year from the date of purchase. The gallery charges 30% of the value of the print as usage fee for year one, and 15% for every subsequent year. However the exchange depreciation is capped at 60%. So, the mother who bought a nursery print for her child at TFT for say Rs 3,000 can exchange it after five years to an educational print and still be able to get Rs 1,400 in exchange value, she adds. The gallery even frames, ships, insures and packs for corporate buyer, thereby providing a complete turnkey solution.

The Fuschia Tree is neither intimidating, nor exclusive its just about the pure joy of owning and loving that picture on your wall. The exchange policy is even more relevant for a corporate buyers for a hotelier or a restaurateur, every time a space is re-furbished, they can simply exchange their Italian art to Chinese or change their classical mood to contemporary, she says. Targeting $250,000 in sales for 2009, Barrai admits that TFT is paving its path in a completely grey market segment.

Even for high-end art, all we have our estimates of respected names such as Saffron/Osians, but a market for emerging/young/international art is completely unchartered, she says. The gallery will be hosting its debut show Mint Green on September 24 in Delhi.