First, escape definitions

Updated: May 26 2007, 05:30am hrs
Without displaying any out-of-place envy for those who are so wealthy that their tax planning is a strategic affair (‘Ten Point Social Charter’, May 25), the PM’s second commandment issued on May 24 is the most intriguing one. Do tax codes actually ‘define’ corporate social responsibility If so, then the problem is definitions. We must escape these definitions before we turn ‘socially responsible’. Start with tax reform.
—John Vikluto

Pulver pinch
This refers to reports about Maninder Singh, who was arrested along with Sam Siddiqui in connection with possession of illegal drugs. I was shaken by the news because I could never imagine that a person of such a high calibre and cricket achievement could get involved in such a mean activity. Since I have worked with Maninder on TV in the past, I knew him as a great player, nice person and candid cricket commentator. Sam, a Nigerian, is reported to be a history-sheeter, but what about Maninder For a man who criticised so many others on TV, this is shameful.
—Ahmad Rais Siddiqi New Delhi

Almost every week, a new foreign franchise enters India. This helps create jobs, but involves heavy royalty and other payments. We need more Indian franchises, especially in the services sector. Unless we go in for constant innovation, we will be left behind.
—K Venkataraman Mumbai