Fireflies movie review: The Sibling Story

Written by Shubhra Gupta | Updated: Nov 1 2014, 16:03pm hrs
FirefliesFireflies movie review

DIRECTOR: Sabal Singh Shekhawat

CAST: Rahul Khanna, Arjun Mathur, Monica Dogra, Shivani Ghai

Ratings: *1/2

An off-Bollywood movie, mostly in English, risks coming off all precious and stilted. Fireflies has characters who are comfortable in English (in fact, when a couple of them have spoken in Hindi in previous parts, theyve sounded as if they would be better off in English), which is a good thing.

But there isnt really much going in this film, which tells the story of two brothers and a sister, in moody, picturesque flashback. Shiv (Khanna) and Rana (Mathur) spin off in different trajectories, and are seen in a relationship apiece: the former in a sterile marriage bumping into an old flame (Ghai), the latter getting close to a girl (Dogra) who fetches up at his Bangkok bartending gig, and is all fd up.

There are patches which feel well-observed, especially when they are based in Mumbais swish spots: pretty people talking about London flats, and well-attired investment bankers in their offices with a view. And, towards the end, when the reason for the bad blood between the brothers becomes apparent, the outlines of a plot become discernible. I liked Arjun Mathur, an actor who underplays well, and raises the pitch when required: he stands out in the ensemble.

The rest is a nicely-shot rehearsed ramble.