F&D H50 & H30 headphones: An attractive buy

Written by Sudhir Chowdhary | Updated: Jan 30 2014, 15:02pm hrs
Ear phoneOut of the box, the H50?s style is modern, carefully designed to appeal to the style conscious and generation next.
Nowadays on-ear headphones arent that popular as they used to be some years back. This is simply because people like to listen to music while in transit on the much lighter and easy-to-wear in-ear headphones. But if you ask me, a listener gets an altogether different experience while catching up with his/her choice of music from a conventional on-ear headphone set. I get such an out-of-the-world audio experience with my Sennheiser Momentum headphones. Not only do they sound as good as they look, the vastly superior German audio technology embedded inside ensures that soulful music is deeply engrained in our minds for a longer duration. Most important, they completely block out outside noise.

Recently, Fenda Audio (F&D) sent across their Discovery headphonesH50 and H30for a product review. With its latest headphones, F&D is offering style-hungry consumers a refined, semi-classical design with a touch of flash. Both the on-the-head audio gears are comfortable to wear for hours at a time. But how do these affordable offerings perform in real life, read on to find out.

Discovery H50

Out of the box, the H50s style is modern, carefully designed to appeal to the style conscious and generation next. It comprises a finely stitched genuine leather outer headband that ensures durability of the headphones. If you are the kind who prefers rough and tough usage of electronic accessories and enjoys good sound, Discovery H50 has to be your pick. It retails for Rs 3,990.

In my assessment, a good headphone is the one that is easy and comfortable to wear, besides having the capability to stream high quality audio. The H50 provides a comfortable fit to the user as he listens to the soul stirring music. The adjustable inner headband covered in soft finishing puts a tick mark on this aspect. Not to forget, the soft touch ear pads add to the unruffled experience.

The H50, designed in Korea, measures 210 x 240 x 90 mm in body dimensions. In technical terms, it has a driver size of 40 mm, frequency response of 20 to 20,000 Hz, sensitivity of 97 dB/mW and impedance of 32 ohm. Maximum input power is of 50 mW and the headphone comes with a 3 mm gold plated jack which is compatible with mobile phones, iPods, MP3 players, iPads, laptops and PCs.

The H50 feels like it weighs almost nothing on your head, but in fact its 230 grams, which is about average for full-size headphones. This professional stereo headphone promises precision and sound detail, thanks to its double-layered ear-shells that reduces resonance and vibration. In terms of actual usage, the H50s acoustic chamber design does manage to create authentic and superior sound performance. The semi-open back architecture of H50 lends the listener some impactful bass reproduction and also prevents sound leakage. The bass, mid-range, treble balance is very smooth, with no overly exaggerated frequencies.

Overall, a very accurate set of headphones designed for buyers who want to hear sound with nothing added or taken away from the music.

Discovery H30

The first thing that strikes you about these not-so-new peerless black headphones is its styling. Entailing a semi-open back architecture for profound, solid bass reproduction, the Discovery H30 headphones have it in them to be part of your gadgets must-haves kit. Their unique styling may not align with everyones tastes, but I think it looks great.

Overall build quality is fairly decent. F&D has carefully crafted the outer headband with genuine leather and an adjustable inner headband with soft finishing, ensuring durability and comfort for the users.

The double-layered ear-shells reduce vibration and lend impeccable sound detailing to the listener. Importantly, the fine cable used for the headphones provide excellent strength and flexibility.

The core competence of the F&D H30 is its soundand its no less than crystal clear. The good audio experience between your ears is possible thanks to the headphones fine woven fabric that controls sound leakage.

Making sure the rhythms are pure and unadulterated, its acoustic chamber design offers fine listening experience.

In real usage, the H30 is equally adept playing movies and music, thanks to its unfatiguing sound. The sound is never harsh or unpleasant in any way. These Rs 2,490-a-piece headphones are highly accurate and clear. They will appeal to those who prize clarity, but at an affordable price.