Fashion comes and goes, style is forever

Written by Ravi Bajaj | Updated: Aug 31 2008, 09:49am hrs

Let me begin by confessing that I am truly and deeply impressed by people with style. The way you hold your cigarette, the way you alight from a car, what you wear to bed,the quality of your underwear, knowing your summer and winter fragrance, your holding the champagne flute, the uniformity of your nail enamel, the way you drape your shawl,the dexterity with which you push back your peeping bra strap, the way you sip your drink without leaving lipstick on the glass, the subtle clip you use to hold your hairoh!

These elements of style really leave me smitten. And you know what the best thing is You dont need money to posses any of the above elements cause they are yours, they are you, its your personal style. Some are born with it, some learn from their parents and some make a concerted effort to adapt to it. I am okay with any of these methods as long as it looks a part of you and not outside of you.

Money and style have no link like money and fashion. The impact one woman could make in just a simple white shirt and a pair of jeans another might not even in a Chanel suit. In India we have lots of people who would substantiate my argument. Style for most up market Indians is wearing black. I have no reservation against wearing black it remains my favourite but I am not a slave to it.

Indians are slow at catching on to trends and once they do its not easy to shake them off a particular trend. So even when the rest of the world has plunged deep into colour our society ladies still hide under the safety of black. Lack of imagination and guts is one reason Indians lack the confidence to be trend setters. Although I cant say that we never had any trend setters, our movie stars of the 60s had a great sense of personal style that the rest of the nation followed religiously. Dev Anands shirts, Rajesh Khannas achkans. Asha Parekhs fitted salwar kameez, Sadhnas hair style, they all had their individualist stamps that were left on the masses.

Have you heard anything like Shahrukh Khans hair cut or Salman Khans shirts No I will tell you why. In the earlier days our stars developed a style of their own as there was little exposure to the outside world. Today we are so exposed and influenced by the West, courtesy television,that we never have the need or the courage to let our own sense of style develop.

We must understand that style is not frivolity. To have your own style is as important as having your own personality. In fact a sense of style adds to it. To me folks, who blame lack of style to lack of resources are escapists. Good or bad, it is essential to have style. No Armanis and Guccis of the world can give it to you and time certainly cant take it away.

Style is Forever!