Extraordinarily shameful move

Updated: Mar 24 2006, 05:30am hrs
The practice of promulgating ordinances by state governments and the Centre to wriggle out of a sticky situation is most unhealthy and abhorrent. The use of this magic wand by the Maharashtra government for regularising hundreds of illegal buildings in Ulhasnagar is still fresh in the minds of citizens and their fear that this would set a bad precedent is not without reason.

I think the Chief Justice and the President of India should insist that such options (of promulgating an ordinance to tide over illegalities) be used with discretion and only if it serves larger public interest.
The latest case, of the UPA government contemplating an ordinance to spare several powerful parliamentarians (Sonia Gandhi, Somnath Chatterjee, Karan Singh, T Subbirami Reddy, Amar Singh, etc) the ignominy of getting the boot under the Parliament (Prevention of Dis-qualification) Act 1959 is highly despicable and a shameless attempt by our representatives to hang on to power.
GR Vora

Kudos to Kurien
The way in which Dr Verghese Kurien was forced to resign from GCMMF has exposed the insanity of vested interests in this country. The father of the cooperative movement in India has been subjected to humiliation and disrespect.
The UPA goverment must confer the highest civilian honour, the Bharat Ratna, on the father of the White Revolution in India. Dr Kurien’s achievements have been greatly admired and praised the world-over. Yet, he faced difficulties on his own turf. The cooperative movement needs to grow further and evolve into an organisation which can only better the success and productivity of the revolution Dr Kurien started. May his tribe increase!
Caleb David