Export Concessions

Updated: Aug 25 2004, 06:16am hrs
With reference to the news report ‘A tale of woe’ (Aug 18), all that industry is asking for is what the then government had promised them — by law and through incentives. The Indian public and ministers always think of businessmen as crooks. So what if their own officers do treble checks and in the process there is harassment One group’s wrong-doing does not justify governmental policies being ditched.
The bureaucracy should be made responsible for implementing these reforms. And not at the secretary or joint secretary level, but at the bottom level. If as Rajiv Gandhi had said, only 15 paise reaches the bottom on every rupee spent, then only 15% of the reforms are being implemented. Wake up ministers.
— K A Iyengar, Pune

Name Game
I refer to your story on ‘IT coolies...’ (Aug 20). I think you are talking about Cadence or is it Credence I have never heard of that company in the testing domain.

Our correspondent replies:
The name of the company in the story is correct. Credence Systems Corporation is a 20-year old company based in Milpitas, California.

I refer to your news item ‘FM does his duty by consumers’ (Aug 19). Pardon my ignorance but do please explain: If there are no “physical imports of petrol, diesel, and kerosene”, then how do international prices of crude oil affect us
— Neelam Marathe, Bangalore

Gimmick Yadav
I refer to the editorial ‘Change tracks’ (Aug 18). You have rightly attributed the railway minister Lalu Prasad Yadav’s surprise inspection of Danapur railway station to his appetite for publicity. We learnt that he refused the Railway board chairman and other top officials entry into the lift he was travelling in, and asked them to go through the stairs in Rail Bhavan. We saw him on television, flaunting the kulhar and sipping tea from it during his press conference.
But we are yet to see him engaged in some serious discussion with the Railway authorities about improving the safety and security of passengers. It is not an exaggeration to say that nowadays, the very idea of taking a train journey leaves one scared about safely reaching the destination. And here is a railway minister who, on the issue of recurring rail accidents and passenger safety, has said: “Indian Railways is the responsibility of Lord Vishwakarma. So is the safety of passengers. It is his duty, not mine.” It is your duty, by all means, minister sir! And it is time for you to sit in Rail Bhavan to think over it and plan remedies, instead of doing an inspector’s job at Danapur or at the gates of Rail Bhavan.
M C Joshi

Law Breakers
According to provisions of Section 40-B, every factory having more than 1,000 workers should have a safety officer. Call centres are violating this section of the Factory Act.
S S Rawal