Updated: Oct 31 2011, 09:08am hrs
BN Manohar,

Chief executive officer, Stempeutics Research

If you are waiting for a DBT grant, it is a 12-18 month process, with facility approvals, technical audit, financial audits and various other such procedures. In other countries, Malaysia for instance, it is a two-three month process. Here, the government also either wants to own or co-own IP. None of this is good for the industry.

Mayur Abhaya,

President & executive director, LifeCell International

We are looking for more support from the government, more perspective on insurance, the possibility of having stem cell therapies treated as a medical expense and consequently a tax benefit.

Rajesh Sharma,

Chief executive officer, Cryo-Save India

Majority of the states in the US have adopted the law of mandatory information about stem cell banking. A gynecologist has to educate expecting parents of all options available in this field, after which, they can take an informed decision about storing the new borns chord blood cells. We are hoping that the government will introduce something similar here.