Excuse The Network

Updated: Sep 17 2003, 05:30am hrs
Journalists are used to hearing all sort of excuses from officials when they dont want to answer uncomfortable queries. It could start with officials simply not taking a call or replying with Im in a meeting/rushing for a meeting or We are considering our options. Recently, however, we came across an unusual excuse from the spokesperson for a private telecom operator which operates in Punjab. She took our call on her mobile, and on realising that the question was one shed rather not answer, said, Im outside coverage area. When she was educated that she couldnt be outside the coverage area if she could talk to us, she changed tack and said: I just cant hear you.

She continued to play deaf (and dumb!) until she was told that she would be quoted on whatever she had said. Miraculously, she could suddenly hear clearly and asked worriedly: What are you writing Now thats one operator thats expanding its network coverage real quick.

Five-legged Safety

Journalists at a recent press conference on Safe Working Environment held at a leading five star hotel in the Capital were found stamping their feet during the question-answer session. They were also observed asking one another whether they were all seated properly after being told that sitting on a four-legged chair need not necessarily be safe enough!

The press conference held by the global science company DuPont, well known for maintaining high safety standards in the workplace and spreading the message all over, began the conference by briefing journalists on how they should have at least one of their feet on the ground even while sitting on a four-legged chair.