Evict the squatters

Updated: Nov 18 2005, 05:30am hrs
It was amusing to read ‘BJP to ‘rock’ the House on corruption’ (Nov 17) especially when the BJP’s Jaswant Singh, who is also the leader of the Opposi tion in the Rajya Sabha, is unauthorisedly occupying two government bungalows.

What’s more, he is yet to respond to the Centre’s request to those occupying these bungalows illegally to vacate them. Is the unauthorised occupation of bungalows not corruption
If these illegal occupants are unable to understand the Supreme Court’s polite language, they should be booted out from these bungalows immediately. The government must ensure that the illegal occupants are asked to vacate the bungalows, irrespective of their status and the party they belong to.
- Bidyut Kumar Chatterjee

HLL head
Apropos your front-page news titled ‘Arun Adhikari tipped to be HLL chairman’(Nov 16). Many parts of the content of the story are factually incorrect.
I have, on many occasions, told the correspondent that the present structure (of the non-executive chairman and the NMC) is firmly in place and no change is envisaged in the near future. Yet, the story writes that “HLL has been trying to fill the post of chairman for quite sometime.”
Harish Manwani is president of Unilever—Asia, Africa, Middle East and Turkey and HLL’s non-executive chairman. Your story says “Harish Manwani took over as non-executive chairman...prior to that he was president of Unilever—Asia, Africa...” Also, Mr Manwani is based out of London and the report says Singapore.
- Paresh Chaudhry, head, corporate, communications, Hindustan Lever Limited