Eureka Forbes To Hit Market With New Products

Hyderabad: | Updated: Jul 30 2002, 05:30am hrs
Eureka Forbes Ltd, manufacturers of vacuum cleaners and water purifiers in India, will soon introduce a slew of products including iron, arsenic, lead removing water purifiers. Mr AV Suresh, chief operating officer and senior VP (operations), Eureka Forbes, told newsmen these products are being developed at its R&D centre in Bangalore and would be launched in the next few months.

Mr Suresh was in Hyderabad in connection with the all-India launch of Aquaguard i-Nova, a new water purification technology. The i-Nova has futuristic technology and is designed specially for Internet age customers of today. The product is equipped to detect an electronic fault in the system automatically and dial for help. It also has an Intelligence Quotient Alert (IQA) system, which informs in advance when the consumables have to be replaced.

This product can be connected to the 24-hour Central Monitoring Station (Eurovigil CMS) through a micro-controller scan system (MCS) or the mini brain of the system which is optionally available and is capable of constantly monitoring the status of the unit, Mr Suresh pointed out.

The first of the new products to be rolled out in September is reverse osmosis water purifier with fine membrane filter technology. This product removes fluoride and salt contents in the water. This has been primarily targeted at hard and salt water areas and rural purification system of state governments, Mr Suresh said.