Employment for the disabled

Updated: Nov 30 2006, 05:30am hrs
Yet another World Disabled Day will be observed on December 3, 2006 with the government and several NGOs celebrating the occasion, perhaps by distributing tricycles and wheel-chairs to a few disabled persons or honouring some of them. But it is about time we went beyond platitudes.

A serious problem being faced by the disabled is that of unemployment. The disabled, on account of their physical immobility or impairment, find jobs hard to come by. Unfortunately, the private sector, which is a much bigger employer than the government in the country, has done little for the disabled by way of providing them employment. The government should initiate a dialogue with the private sector and work out some arrangement for preferential employment to the disabled.

Another way to help the disabled is to encourage them to become self-employed. Here also, there are three issues facing the disablednamely, the lack of skills, inadequate investment capability and constraints in product marketing.


FTAs help

This refers to your editorial Focus on FTA (Nov. 14). An FTA works as a bypass to the road of free trade as it helps two countries use their resources at an optimum level. Tho-ugh, there is the danger of multinationals taking ad-vantage of cheaper labour, FTAs can be drafted accordingly to prevent their misuse.

Naval Langa