Edible oils prices remain quiet

Written by Agencies | New Delhi, January 31: | Updated: Jan 31 2008, 20:29pm hrs
Prices of edible oils remained steady in the wholesale oil and oilseed market on Thursday on small bouts of trade.

Marketmen said negligible enquiries by the vanaspati mills against reduced supply kept the prices flat.

Following were Thursdays quotations per quintal (in Rs): Oilseeds: mustard seed 2325-2500 and Groundnutseed 2700-3000.

Vanaspati ghee (15 litres tin) 875-975.

Edible oils: Groundnut mill delivery 7,000, Groundnut Solvent refined (per tin) 1225-1250, Mustard Expeller 5,700, Mustard Pakki ghani (per tin) 875-975, Mustard kachi ghani (per tin) 925-975, Sunflower 5,350, Sesame mill delivery 7,400, Soybean Refined mill delivery 6,050, Soyabean degum (Delhi) 5,950, Crude Palm Oil (Ex-kandla) 4,960, Cottonseed mill delivery 5,500, palmoline (RBD) 5,750, Rice bran (phy) 4,900 and coconut (per tin) 900-950.

Non-edible oils: linseed 4700 Mahuwa 4250, castor 4900-5000, Neem 3750-3850, Rice bran 3800-3900 and palm fatty 3125-3200.

Oil cakes: groundnut dehusk 770-820, Sesame 925-1125, Mustard (new) 1000-1025, Mustard 975-980 and Cottonseed 975-1100.