Updated: Jan 19 2007, 05:30am hrs
India’s economy may be rising (‘Shifting global economic architecture’, January 17), but is still a minor player. We must attract MNCs to invest in infrastructure projects here. This would equip us for any major setback. To protect our economy in general and exports in particular, we must not put all eggs in the nests of the developed countries. African and Middle Eastern countries would be a safer bet.
—Naval Langa Ahmedabad

Big bother
By press reports, landlords in Delhi have been arrested for not reporting tenants. Renting out houses is a civil matter, and as such, police verification should not be a prerequisite. There can be alternatives to fulfill the objectives of this law, like the owner asking for a PAN number from a tenant. If no identity document is provided, then let both tenant and owner file a form with the home ministry. Interaction with police should be minimised.
—Mahesh Kumar New Delhi

They know not
Mahatma Gandhi, too, faced discrimination. And his life changed. Let every Indian, including Shilpa Shetty, forget and forgive.
—M Kumar

Not fair
The Standard of Weights and Measures (‘Standardisation...’, January 16) rule has no business asking for an individual’s name to be printed on product packages for complaints. What if this person gets singled out for ire
—Rajesh S