Written by The Financial Express | Updated: Nov 30 2011, 06:03am hrs
United front

A Raja is still in prison while most of his co-accused have gotten bail in the 2G case, but he has been expressing bonhomie rather than ill-humour towards his former prison mates. After Swan Telecom promoter Shahid Balwa was granted bail, Raja called out to him, Shahid, media waalon ko mutton biryani khilao. Is the biryani supposed to strengthen Rajas case too

Wholesale goof-up in retail!

Part of the opposition to the FDI in retail proposal was the clause that allowed big retail firms to get over the mandatory 30% SME-sourcing clause by procuring this from anywhere in the worldso, for the sake of argument, Walmart could source from Chinese SMEs and still meet this clause. While this has now been clarified to apply solely to Indian SMEs, the industry ministry is to blame for the confusion. The background material on the Press Information Bureau Website of November 25 just talks of 30% sourcing to be done from micro and small enterprises and defines these to be firms with less than $1mn in plant and capital. On the same day, PIB sent out a press note to journalists that was exactly the same, from the way it began to the way it ended, as the background material on the Website. Except, when it came to condition of 30% sourcing from small-scale sector, after beginning, 30% sourcing is to be done from micro and small enterprises, the emailed PIB note added, which can be done from anywhere in the world and is not India specific. So who goofed up