Written by The Financial Express | Updated: Oct 28 2011, 08:42am hrs
With friends like that ...

Former McKinsey honcho Rajat Gupta may be staring at jail time if convicted of insider trading in the US but hes found a champion in India. The Congress General Secretary Digvijaya Singh sent out the following tweet: What a sad news. Rajat Gupta our Icon arrested. I am sure he would prove his innocense (sic). I am his admirer. May God be with him. But knowing the others for whom Digvijaya Singh has played Devils Advocate, Gupta should pause before counting his blessings. The group includes: Osamaji, Kalmadiji and A Rajaji!


Following the footsteps of Steve Jobs, a CEO of a top Indian IT firm was too seen in denims coupled with sport shoes and a casual T-shirt at the quarter results of the company. Ironically, though the top management team along with the CEO was giving interviews to the press in this casual attire, the PR agency of the company was standing out. Young PR gentlemen and women were coordinating media interviews in sophisticated business suits. Wonder why Indian CEOs cant even copy their western counterparts properly!