Written by The Financial Express | Updated: May 31 2011, 09:00am hrs
Austerity begins at Air India One

Air India has begun its austerity right at the top. All those flying with the Prime Minister typically end up with lots of complimentary goodiesBlack Label whisky, cigarettes, perfumes, et al. This time around, there was just a box of chocolates offered to first class passengers, typically journalists who accompanied the Prime Minister on his trip of African nations. The Prime Ministers plane, by the way, is decades old and has had all four engines replaced recently.

Which 100 days

At telecom minister Kapil Sibals press conference, a journalist asked him whether his plans to introduce New Telecom Policy 2011 were on track. Are you on track on your 100-day agenda as more than 100 days on 2011 have already passed ... to which Sibal said, Why are you trying to cut our term short There are more than 100 days left of 2011.

Going critical

After environment minister Jairam Rameshs comments on the IITs, education minister Kapil Sibal held a press conference and said that it was really the lack of critical mass which was to be blamed for less research at the IITs. When a journalist asked, What is the Hindi translation of critical mass, Sibal was quick to reply, Critical mass is when 200 journalists come for a press conference and dont let me speak.