Updated: Aug 31 2002, 05:30am hrs
Restructuring Tata Finance

Theres plenty of backstage action happening at Bombay House. Lets focus, for a start, on the now vacant positions of vice-chairman, managing director and director at Tata Finance Ltd. These are up for the grabs for anyone interested in becoming a part of the illustrious Tata family, notwithstanding the fact that a visit to the Tata Finance website www.tatafinance.com, and its careers page, will tell you that the company has no vacancies at the moment. It does thank visitors for their interest in careers with Tata Finance, though!

For their part, company officials dont have a clue as to when these positions will be filled. Meanwhile, organisational restructuring is quietly underway, with some of the staff being transferred to the general pool and to distant locales. Part of a realignment process underway, explain company officials. Officially, Tata Finance is asking only non-performers to leave. We now await the performers wholl take a crack at the vacancies in TFLs top echelons.

To Pakistan, With Love

Who says Indian entrepreneurs take an inordinately long time to react to change They can certainly be pro-active, especially when their rozi-roti is at stake as one section of businessmen recently showed. No sooner than assorted state governments begin banning the manufacture and sale of gutka, did manufacturers of this addictive mix swing into action.

Eavesdropper has learnt that gutka makers, not really expecting the apex court to grant a stay on the bans imposed, went ahead and booked orders for three containers of gutka to be exported to our not-so-friendly neighbour...yes, you guessed it...Pakistan.

And forget all about those messy hurdles to cross-border trade. These containers are on their way to Dubai, after which theyll hit Afghanistan before landing up next door. And definitely dont start thinking good riddance just yet if indeed the bans are re-instated, it wont be too long before smuggled gutka pouches find their way to these states.