Written by The Financial Express | Updated: Jun 27 2009, 02:43am hrs
Jab they Met-I

This is symbolic of Mets difficulties perhaps. On Wednesday, the Director General of IMD was seen searching frantically for the room his boss, Prithviraj Chavan, science and tech minister, was holding a press conference in. He did locate the roomthe PIB conference roombut then other problems emerged: ten pairs of hands were trying to put up the projector that would display the monsoon charts. It was put up, but it was a close thing.

Jab they Met-II

Chavan himself seems to be feeling the stress of being the science and tech minister when the Mets monsoon call is under scrutiny again. At the presser, Chavan kept parrying questions on the implications of a possible poor monsoon. I am just the science minister, he retorted every time.

Tripura or Nagaland

Gubernatorial appointments are getting complicated. Madhukar Gupta, the soon to retire home secy, was offered Tripura. But another ex-home secy, CK Duggal, hotly objected since he had been only made member of Centre-state commission. So Duggal was offered Nagaland, but he thought it was too small. There the matter stands now.

Wolf on West

Martin Wolf, Financial Times columnist and globally one of the most respected commentators, delighted delegates at the Emerging Market forum with this observation: When there is an economic crisis, Western leaders make a big mistake, they think only they are in charge, but they are not, not any longer.