Earlier battles

Updated: Jan 2 2006, 05:30am hrs
Goa has never attracted as many tourists from all over the world as it does today. Earlier, the majority of foreign tourists to Goa were from England and Germany. Re-collecting those days that have flown by, a senior executive in a leading travel company narrated a common sight on the beaches. The Germans, being early risers, would occupy all the deck chairs available on the beach early in the mornings, basking in the warm glow of the rising sun. The Englishmen woke up much later and took their time over their typically English breakfast. When they finally got to the beach, the Germans would have occupied all the deck chairs, leaving no space for the Englishmen. The tranquil beach would then witness tension and heated exchange of words and what was supposed to be a peaceful morning turn out to resemble a turmoil zone of sorts.


Its all about the aam aadmi and kisan for politicians in India. Union minister for chemicals and fertilisers, Ram Vilas Paswan, at a recent press meet, resorted to these two catchphrases for any query asked. Be it the spurt in gas prices affecting the fertiliser companies or the draft policy on pharmaceuticals, Mr Paswans response was loud and clear. We will not allow the aam aadmi to suffer from rising drug prices and the kisan from rising urea prices, Mr Paswan said. What was left unanswered was how fertiliser companies would cope with rising gas prices for the sake of these two entities.

Double role

The State Bank of India (SBI), which has two managing directors, is bidding one goodbye, with Ashok Kini retiring on December 31. The portfolios are normally distributed between the two MDs, who share the load. However, insiders at the bank say TS Bhattacharya, the other MD, has been readying over the past two months to mind the portfolios handled by Kini after he retires. One SBI insider told Eavesdropper that knowing the speed with which government fills top positions at banks, it may be a long wait for SBI before it welcomes Kinis successor. Hence, its better for Bhattacharya to get familiar with Kinis portfolio as early as possible. It seems the SBI top brass are a forward-looking lot.