Dungeon dad Fritzl to face 3,000 rape charges

London, Aug 26 | Updated: Aug 27 2008, 05:40am hrs
Dungeon dad Josef Fritzl, who allegedly kept his daughter as a sex slave for 24 years, along with three of the six children he fathered by her, is to face a staggering 3,000 rape charges.

According to legal sources, the 74-year-old has confessed to having sex with his daughter Elisabeth at least two to three times a week during the 24 years he kept her locked in a basement prison at his home in Austria.

The official sheet of charges will be prepared by October and will be the most extensive this country has ever seen. From the paperwork being processed, Fritzl will face anything up to 3,000 counts of rape, the Daily Star quoted an unnamed source as saying.

Fritzl could be sent for trial as early as December. State prosecutors have announced the case will be held in private and the public will be barred from all sessions of the three-day trial at the court in Sankt Poelten in Austria with the exception of the opening session and the sentencing.

Under Austrian law there must be eight jurors and two substitutes. But officials fear that it may be impossible to find enough impartial jurors who have not already made up their minds about Fritzl's guilt.

We are a small country. There can't be ten people outthere who don't already have strong opinions about this man and what he's done, another legal source was quoted by the British newspaper as saying.