Driven by the sensex

Written by Garima Pant | Updated: Jan 18 2009, 05:50am hrs
The dwindling share market and the sensex have inspired US based artist Siri Khandavilli to incorporate the crests and troughs in her upcoming solo exhibition, Two Birds that will be held at Open Palm Court Gallery, India Habitat Centre, Delhi.

Khandavilli calls the market inspired video installation work stocks set to rise, apt for the present times. This work originated on one of my many drives amidst the mountains in Arizona, where I live. During these drives I used to listen to financial news on the radio. Both me and my husband invest in the stock market and the rise and falls of these mountains looked like a chart of the stock market. I could fee how these long-standing mountains have seen and borne so much. Two extremes that seemed unrelated and incompatible seemed to merge and diverge in this everyday experience, she adds. Worried about her finances and the global economic meltdown, Khandavilli says that the process of doing the works of her upcoming exhibition did bring some amount of relief to her and hopes that even her audience feel the same.

The video further led to a series of 20 paintings called the sun and the sensex. I make a lot of small works, which are meant to be hung together in a series. This display helps me and my audience look at the minute details and the big picture as well, says the artist. Like her sun and the sensex will be displayed as two rows of paintings, becoming almost a 10-ft installation.

Khandavilli is an inter-media artist working in the realms of video art, paintings and installations. I am a passionate new-media artist. I make videos, in fact I use videos as paintings, she says. Involving herself in every minute details for these videos, she shoots, edits and compiles the entire composition herself. The upcoming exhibition took her an exhausting nine moths to complete that involved her multi-tasking between taking care of her three-month old daughter, studying and teaching art. I have barely slept for the past nine months. But I have also thoroughly enjoyed the experience, she adds.

The upcoming exhibition comprises a combination of five video-works and 10 paintings (acrylics on paper), solo and group of small paintings.