Dont Inconvenience Public, IBA Tells Unions

Mumbai, Sept 29 | Updated: Sep 30 2004, 05:30am hrs
The Indian Banks Association (IBA) on Wednesday said that the trade unions insistence on a minimum 12.25% increase in wages to resume negotiations was posing a hurdle for an early settlement of wage revision negotiations.

The Association has called upon the trade unions to desist from any action which would cause inconvenience the customers and the general public.

Talks between the IBA and the five workmen unions and four officers on the issue of wage revision have been deadlocked with each side holding to its guns.

Mobility of staff and computerisation/ technological upgradation are two of the core issues, among others, on which consensus is yet to emerge in arriving at a settlement.

The unions have issued a notice of industry-wide strike on October 5 and 6. The Association believes in an amicable negotiation of issues involved and arriving at an early settlement. The process should not be derailed by resorting to agitations, which would only delay the common outcome of early settlement desired by both the parties. Strike or any other agitational action would only greatly inconvenience the customers and the general public, said VP Shetty, chairman of the negotiating committee of IBA.

The IBA, in a statement, said, the Association, on its part, has been considerate in offering a reasonable wage increase.

IBA, over the past months, has explained the requirement of banks in regard to mobility of staff and freedom in computerisation/ technological upgradation, which are necessitated by business compulsions in the emerging scenario.