Dissecting The Dress

Updated: Jan 28 2003, 05:30am hrs
The cheerful faces of Iranian President, Syed Mohammad Khatami, and his countrymen on television suggested that they enjoyed the Republic Day parade. In deference to the formality of the occasion, the visitors also ensured that they turned out in their best lounge suits. But, inspite of good intentions, the Iranian delegation failed to get full marks on the dress code front.

A protocol officer from the Indian side noticed that almost all of the dozen-odd officials were neither wearing ties nor had they shaved. When asked why, a delegate disclosed that the Shah of Iran, a thoroughly westernised gent, had a penchant for dressing immaculately tie included and was clean shaven. But since his ouster, Iranian officials in the predominantly Islamic political establishment have deliberately adopted a contrarian stance.

While theres little dissent over the religious angle to the facial hair, a different theorys been floated on the Iranians sartorial style. That countrys version of the conventional western shirt is a collarless one, informs an Iran hand, which pretty much makes a tie redundant!

Super CM
Keralas successful Global Investor Meet (GIM) showcased more than just the states potential as an investment destination. Also on display was the state industry minister and Muslim Leagues P K Kunhalikuttys growing closeness to Congress chief minister A K Antony. For starters, scribes resigned to the keep-media-at-arms-length Antony were pleasantly surprised to meet the new, friendly CM. For, during a function at Vizhinjam port, the CM actually discarded his stiff demeanour and cheerfully mixed among the invitees...much like Kunhalikutty is wont to do, some non-Congress ministers were quick to point out.

Whats more, if the countrys only anti-air conditioning CM had found an interested audience in Mr Narayana Murthy, it was thanks to Mr Kunhalikutty, it was argued. So, how did the man himself tackle allegations of playing super-chief minister After GIM, I will try to be low profile, was the cryptic reply.