Discount Time, But Only For Small Cars

Updated: Oct 20 2002, 05:30am hrs
As yet another festive season sweeps us away, its time once again to stretch the purse strings. For those of you considering a new occupant for your garage this Dhanteras, The FE On Sunday did some random window shopping for cars in the Capital. As expected, there were offers and festive season schemes that can help you save some few thousands of rupees.

With the suspense created by Shah Rukh Khans desperate chase of the elusive lady in a Santro in its latest ad, we thought why not start with Hyundai After all, all of us have hoped at one time or the other to get one step ahead of the inimitable Mr Khan. So we knocked at the doors of the customer care official of Samara Hyundai in South Delhi, who was ready with all the answers.

Hyundai is offering free accessories with the Accent and free insurance with the Santro. As the customer care official explained, We are offering a discount of Rs 15,000 or accessories worth Rs 15,000 on the purchase of a Hyundai Accent. The accessories include a choice of central locking system, music system, teflon coating or body cover, but the cost should not be more than Rs 15,000, she added. Elaborating, she said, The onroad price of a Hyundai Accent GVS is Rs 6,06292. If you buy the car now, youll get it for Rs 5,91292. The offer is not applicable to the Viva, Hyundais recent introduction. We are not offering anything with the Viva. Its present on-road price is Rs 7,15,000 and the waiting period 30 days, informed the customer care official.

For Santro lovers, the purchase of a Santro Zip Plus, power steering version, costing Rs 3,76,010, gets you free insurance worth Rs 13,012. On the other hand, if you are paying cash down, you can avail of another dealer discount of Rs 10,000, the official revealed.

Even if you opt for the financing option, notwithstanding the interest rates (between 12 to 13 per cent), bankers are willing to offer discounts of up to Rs 13,000 on a loan amount of Rs 3 lakh, she said. Not bad!

Our next destination was A-1 Motors, Connaught Place, in the heart of Delhi. Buy a Tata Indica V2 before Diwali and youll get free insurance, free central locking and a three year warranty. The onroad price of an Indica V2 power steering version is Rs 3,49,643. So if you are buying one before this Diwali, you can get insurance worth Rs 12,840, explained the customer care official here. This is in addition to the offer of a free central locking system worth Rs 4,600 and a warranty for three years, she added.

What about the financing option We were told that the interest rate could be between 12-13 per cent on reducing balance and, during the festive season, discounts of up to 3 per cent of the loan amount were available.

Time to move on to bigger cars. But bigger cars are in a different league, as we were soon to find out. The customer care official at Mitsubishi Motors at Connaught Plaza said, We do not have anything specific as such for the festive season. The season is such that people happen to come more and we are only looking to help them. In any case, those who come to buy a Mitsubishi Lancer have already got two or three cars in their garage and are not necessarily looking for discounts, he asserted. Nevertheless, after some intense grilling, he revealed that you can get up to Rs 10,000 off as a dealer discount on the purchase of a Mitsubishi Lancer.

This again would depend on the type of customer, he said. We do not give each and every customer discounts, but after assessing a customer on our criteria of how much he likes a Lancer, and his considerations and requirements, the discount may be given. But as the official put it, if you are spending about Rs 11 lakh on a car, Rs 10,000 wouldnt be much of an incentive.

And that seems the case with the Skoda Octavia, too. The onroad price of the Octavia Elegance is Rs 12,94,581, while that of the Octavia Ambiente is Rs 11,22,901. The word discount does not seem to exist in the Skoda dictionary. As of now, we havent got any kind of intimation from our manufacturers on this account, said S K Gautam, general manager, Silvertone Motors. Moreover, we dont believe in giving discounts as what we are concerned with is the quality of the product.

Mr Gautams views were shared by the customer care official of Ace Cars, another Skoda Octavia dealer. We do not have any specific discount schemes for the festive season, he said. We do give loans at 12 per cent of the reducing balance and there can be 3.5 per cent discount of the loan amount, but this scheme is not restricted to the festive season.

In the end, you need to know what exactly you are looking fora discount or a car!