Dhoom 3 game a trailer to movie, just step into Aamir Khan's shoes, price'less'

Written by Priya Adivarekar | Mumbai | Updated: Dec 13 2013, 22:27pm hrs
Dhoom 3 gameKeeping in mind the excessive use of bikes in Dhoom 3, developers Robosoft technologies have re-created Chicago, where the gamer takes on the role of Sahir (Aamir Khan).
If youre a Dhoom franchise fan, what would you do if a game gave you a chance to zoom around town, escaping two police officers in true Dhoom 3 style - no price to be charged The official gaming app of the third installment of this Yash Raj film is just that. Keeping in mind the excessive use of bikes in this film, developers Robosoft technologies have re-created Chicago, where the gamer takes on the role of Sahir, a clown thief on the loose. Its an endless bike racing game, where the player has to make sure that Sahir zooms ahead on his super bike, while evading ACP Jai Dixit (Abhishek Bachchan), Ali (Uday Chopra) and other cops. You also have to keep an eye on various obstacles like heavy traffic, helicopters in pursuit and sharp turns that can end with the gamer getting hit on a light pole.

Price: Free

Available on: iOS and Android

Developed by: Robosoft Technologies

To play the game, you can choose between two controls tilt or tap before they go zooming around on the streets. On the way, the gamer must make sure to collect coins, in order to make store purchases easy at a later stage. You can also collect additional bonuses like the coin magnet, head start (to skip ahead by 600 metres), sonic pulse (to clear obstacles for a short duration), armour (to make you invincible) among others that can be used as power-ups. Nitro boost can be used thrice. When the gamer has exhausted the option, theyll have to collect it during the course of the game. If you have pocketed enough coins, then head to the store where you can buy better bikes, costumes and new power-ups. The player can also purchase coins, which starts at 0.99$ for 5000 coins. As you begin crossing several kilometers, the gamer unlocks new levels. Like most games, you can connect your Facebook account to keep a check on the rankings.

Although well-created graphics, 3D effects and signature background score adds to the feel-good factor of the game, the bombardment of advertisements and a few technical glitches cause annoyance, especially when you are focusing on making sure that your character doesnt get caught. Since its a free game, the makers are justified in earning revenue from advertisements, but is it fair that a banner keep popping up just when one is trying to overtake a truck The tap controls are very poor and the nitro boost does nothing special (unlike other racing games where the cars or bikes zooms ahead 50 times faster, this one doesnt make any difference).